This is the most requested type of missions for unforeseen or abnormal events that requires an immediate investigation - Mission dispatch is made on a 24h/7 base provided drone aren't already assigned to scheduled flights. You Pay for the hours of FLIGHT not the data processing. CALL US TODAY to see how we can help your business to reduce operational cost and increase your growth.


Days, weeks or longer bundles - Turn-key solutions that Includes everything for a smooth experience, from deployment to data processing and dataset handouts. Data can be delivered in-hand or remotely. Data collected are tailored for your needs according to your request. CALL US TODAY TO LEARN ABOUT HOW DRONES CAN HELP REDUCE YOUR COST!


Your company can consult with us on how to start an in-house drone department. We will guide and provide you and your team with the required FAA documentations such as SOP/FOM and Train your designated employees to obtain the FAA Part 107 Commercial Remote Pilot Certificate. We will guide you on the type of drone appropriate to your operation and will help Registering your aircraft with the FAA - Give us a CALL TODAY !