SKYDATA LLC was first imagined in 2019 by a Thai/French couple, while they were living abroad in Asia. Their strong background in commercial aviation and multinational companies management, was a key factor in the creation of the project. They'd noticed the emergence of businesses using drones to gather strategic data.

Industries as varied as Oil/Gas, Mining, Green Energy, Construction, real-estate, Environment conservation, Farming and so many more were all using specialized drones to acquire data set vital to their business - and were saving on cost to gather these data - Also saving big on safety by eliminating scaffolding, cranes, heavy equipments and required medical assistance on site.

Industries in South Korea, as well as Japan, were lowering their safety risk, specially in Non-entry /Hostile/ Confined environments scenarios cases. They were saving cost on inspections and streamlining abnormal events, like heat leak identification on office building or roof inspections. The prohibiting cost of such highly specialized drone, their regulatory and technical requirements such as personnel licensing, maintenance program and insurances, lead these industries to outsource their need for this type of aerial services.

In 2023, SKYDATA LLC was incorporated in Concord, NH - USA and headquartered in Nashua, NH. Bringing data gathering solutions to businesses and Agencies in New Hampshire.