Started by an Intel ex-military turned active airline pilot. The love for flying machine, and the technologies associated with it along with a deep interest in data collection techniques naturally lead to the creation of SKYDATA LLC.

We at SKYDATA LLC are taking all our missions with the seriousness and the discipline necessary to ensure the safe yet thorough data acquisition your business need to make strategic decisions.
We dedicate our team & fleet to cater and satisfy the need for strategic data stemming from variable entities such as States agencies, multinational corporations as well as small businesses with missions ranging from Assets mapping and assets inspection to non-entry environments and Natural resources survey or more simple missions such as real estate’s indoor/ outdoor video promotion for appealing portfolio and small business roof inspection for heat leak to maximize cost etc.,
At SKYDATA we execute each mission with the same precision and care and offer our clients the quality readily usable set of data they need to take business decisions. Safety and our clients needs always come first - we are dedicated to help our clients 24h/7. Our Remote pilots are trained in-house and follow strict protocols to collect and protect your data.
Choosing SKYDATA is the choice of professional for professional.