Duen Sferrazza

Founder/ Managing Director

Duen's background in Multinational companies management is the foundation of SKYDATA - She has managed overseas US companies offices for the Asia region for over 20 yrs - from Civil engineering, to Medical, as well as leading global agricultural & food provider, Duen's true care for human resources and management has given her the required skill to create and lead her own company.

Stefano Sferrazza

Director of Flight Operations

As an active airline pilot & ground instructor on Airbus and ATR aircrafts, Stefano brings in a strong aviation background, including FAA Part 107 knowledge. Under the impulse of his wife Duen, he assisted her with the technical requirements of flying drones for commercial purposes and industrial applications. Stefano's focus is on safety, his aviation experience is a key-factor in supporting Duen's vision of the development and orientation of SKYDATA.

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