SKYDATA LLC is specialized in Unmanned Aircraft more commonly referred to as Drone Operations.

We are a DSP company, known as Drone Service Provider.

SKYDATA apply the safety and protocols in place in commercial public air transport to UAV operations - We manage and operate a fleet of specialized, high-tech, professional drones to help other businesses collect and analyze relevant data to unable strategic decisions makers to do their job. 

From pipeline inspections in remote areas to urban land mapping for construction planning purposes SKYDATA can gather, and present readily readable set of data - or it can live feed data via secured link through the web for its client to visualize live data as the mission goes on helping direct and focus the mission's objectives in real-time. 

SKYDATA - Keeping an eye on your assets.

Energy industry, Civil engineering, Construction planning and development, Urban mapping in 2D/3D for maintenance and development purposes, as well as high-risk inspections or investigation in Non-Entry areas, Hostile/Lethal environment, Confined space are SKYDATA specialties.
Our equipments and Remote pilots can safely acquire the data needed by our clients without the need to put human life at risk and at the fraction of the traditional cost by removing the need for heavy/costly tool, machines, or team member - no need of scaffolding, cranes, climbing equipments or Medic team at the scene - and doing that in a tenth of the traditional time usually required to get the mission done.

Power Grid Inspection

With SKYDATA's "per fight time use", monthly or even yearly plans our clients are saving the burden of investing into in-house drone program - Certifications, Safety protocols, Hardware and software, manpower, maintenances program, creation of official manual such as SOP or FOM Etc,. - and get the intel they need when they need it on a 24h/7 basis. We at SKYDATA remove the burden and give your business the dataset it needs to plan ahead or perform more efficiently. We do that at the fraction of associated cost of an in-house drone program. You can focus on your business and let us manage the drones and their incidental legals and technicals requirements.

SKYDATA's fleet capabilities and payloads are aimed at industrial inspections and abnormal events, as well as land mapping and  agricultural or conservation survey using sensors such as Thermal/ Infrared/ Multispectral/ High speed cameras/ LiDAR/ High Def Video Etc,. Some of our drones have "bad weather/ High wind" capabilities. We can gather, and transmit data beyond the 10Km/ 6.2 miles range, with the use of Visual Observers.

Water enrichment & Urban green area Survey

WE are also participating in the global effort for a greener world and a better way to manage earth resources - our specialized drone can also be used in environment and natural resource surveys, such as water enrichment monitoring, forest distribution surveys, urban green area surveys, and more.

SKYDATA's Agriculture drone can delivers accurate pin pointed data to farmer and help decision making in pesticide treatment needs or seeds growth, Yield predictions and much more. RTK enable below centimeter precisions data acquisition - Satellite grade data at the fraction of the cost. 

SKYDATA has been approved and received waver from the FAA to legally operate beyond the line of sight/ above 400ft. or even at night should the mission require it. We proceed on missions only after running risk evaluations protocols - and for complicated missions we simulate the mission before the actual flight takes place. Your business can get the strategic data it needs worry-free!

Topographic 3D Mapping

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