This DJI drone is the Go-To of industries from all horizons. Versatile and resistant - precise to the centimeter with its RTK built-in receptors - The M30T is sought after by every businesses and agencies that need "eyes in the sky" capabilities. 

It fly fast, far and high. Low-visi and Thermal visions makes it the perfect tool to see further. Its ability to track a target coupled with its x16 optical zoom and an astonishing x200 Hybrid zoom makes it the perfect tool to inspect High Interferences assets without compromising flight safety.

And if to you a video is more powerful than a thousands words, take a look at some of the applications and the tech behind this game changing drone for commercial duty.  

DJI M30T Video courtesy of DJI

Still compact enough, the M30T pack amazing specs. It can easily be deployed by one operator to fly around the clock thanks to its hot swap battery feature.

Steady as a rock with its 15m/s wind resistance - Couple with its native on-board Real Time Kinetics sensors, commonly referred to as RTK, it achieves below centimeters precision for accurate missions.

M30T - Sensors array

The Laser range finder get the guess work out of the equation

Light and compact enough to be operated by one single remote pilot - increasing safety and cost efficiency at the same time. With its resistance to cold and rain as well as high temp and the possibility to sync a second remote and split screen feature, the M30T is the new flagship for any professional drone providers that want to do serious complex missions.