The indoor LiDAR mapping with High resolution and Infra-red camera makes the ELIOS3 unique. Gyro stabilized and collision resistant the ELIOS 3 can penetrate and operate in confined space as well as Non-Entry environment (Nuclear, Toxic gas, etc.) 

Native LiDAR payload enabling as you go 3D mapping

Not relying on GPS - Its LiDAR creates an accurate map as it goes and uses it to navigate - This map in turn is also used to build a 3D model of the asset or its environment. Its high tolerance to interferences were recently used to map a Nuclear waste vault where Radiation were to high for human entry. The caged design of the Elios 3 is the best solution to enable indoor, complex environment inspection, its size makes it the tool needed to go where human workers should not or just can't go.

Caged Gyro-stabilized for collision resistance - Elios 3

Pitch dark and Hazardous environment investigation are possible with 16k lumens lights.

LiDAR 3D mapping makes navigation safer and easier.

Confined or Non-entry environment makes inspections and investigations costly - Manpower, Tools, safety teams - and hard to streamline. The Elios 3 takes the risk out of the equation, and eliminate the need for scaffoldings or Medic on site, effectively making inspections or unforeseen investigations cost-effective and time efficient while reducing the safety risk to near zero.

Study Case of non-entry Inspection

New castle central station, UK